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Bicycle Casino (Video Game)

Described by the developer as a simulation of an “genuine casino surroundings”,[1] the sport is a compilation of on line casino games licensed by Bicycle Playing Cards, with an marketed 500 variations on games together with texas hold’em and blackjack. The game was marketed as the primary on line casino title launched for the Xbox to have featured multiplayer capabilities using Xbox Live.[2] The sport was released to typically combined evaluations, with publications praising the inclusion of online play, but critiquing the game’s presentation and efficiency of AI players.


Bicycle Casino features a variety of on line casino video games played by a digital character with selectable options. Gameplay contains native and multiplayer game modes enabled by Xbox Live, with on-line play together with quick matches and handbook sessions with customized options. Game modes embody poker, seven-card stud, razz poker, Texas hold ’em, Omaha hold ’em, five-card draw, blackjack, pai gow poker, roulette, craps, slots, video poker, keno and a money wheel, together with an marketed “500 variations” on the video games listed.[3] Gameplay includes selectable emotes and animated reactions from players.[4]


Bicycle Casino was the final game developed by Leaping Lizard, a Maryland based developer founded in 1994 notable for preliminary growth of Magic: The Gathering Online.[5] The sport was a partnership between Leaping Lizard and Activision Value Publishing, a finances wing of Activision.[3] Grant Roberts, a challenge supervisor for the sport, recounted that plans have been made for a sequel, but “sadly, a publishing deal never materialised.”[6] The studio ceased operations following release of the game.


Bicycle Casino received “usually unfavorable evaluations” from critics upon release, in accordance with assessment aggregator Metacritic.[7][12] Positive reception focused upon the range of recreation modes and integration of the sport with Xbox Live. Tim Surette of GameZone praised the sport as “essentially the most full on line casino games for a house console”, stating the sport “does an ample job with a number of varieties of video games to play” and highlighting the online play as “extra enjoyable” and “very entertaining” with human opponents.[8] Dale Nardozzi of Team Xbox praised the sport as a “pretty full gambling simulator”, noting the inclusion of “voice chat-enabled on-line play” as a “actual ace in the outlet…which actually adds a bit of actual on line casino spice to the mixture.”[9]

Criticism of Bicycle Casino’ targeted on the poor visuals and presentation. Writing for IGN, Hilary Goldstein acknowledged the sport featured a “total lack of presentation” and “look meager in comparison with most free casino video games yow will discover”, citing the “horrid graphics” and “limited animations” throughout gameplay.[4] Similarly, Russell Garbutt of Xbox Nation critiqued the “sub-par” and “downright lazy” presentation of the game, citing the “lifeless and stilted” on line casino setting and “whole lack of presentation”.[11] Tim Surette of GameZone additionally criticised the “mediocre” graphics and “restricted movement and static background”.[8] Dale Nardozzi of Team Xbox critiqued the game’s “practically unbearable” card dimension, “blocky and stiff character fashions” and “unimpressive animations”.[9]

The gameplay of Bicycle Casino was also critiqued by reviewers. Several reviewers famous that the sport modes fell wanting the 500 variations advertised in promotional materials,[4][11] with Glenn Wigmore of Gaming Target stating the declare was a “daring-faced lie, as solely guess modifiers and game sorts can really change things up”.[2] Hilary Goldstein of IGN also famous that the sport had “no problem”, criticising the behavior of the AI as a “fixed problem” making the sport “comparatively monotonous after just a few video games”.[4] Similarly, Tim Surette of GameZone critiqued the efficiency of the AI as a “bit questionable”, stating “while the bots can sometimes make sure games more enjoyable (poker for example), they’ll utterly destroy others”.[8]


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