Losa foods

Losa foods

Save the Hamster

It’s my first experience in a hackathon. I do know I’m just lazy ***. It isn’t such a superb game with crazy gameplay and superb graphic that you could be expect. There are just a few strange circles into a playground certain by way of guidelines.

So I ask you to make use of your IMAGINATION a bit.

2020. Self-isolation and loneliness. We’d like to remain home to guard our pals and families, we aren’t? But one ***** all the time needs to maneuver somewhere. It is a hamster. 🐹 When it stops, it dies. When it moves, hamsta slot it lives. Only different blue medical orderly hamsters can cease this loopy hamster utilizing a special sleeping pill. You know these pills do not work properly. They are killing each hamster around.

So I supply to play hamster and KEEP IT ALIVE as longer as you’ll be able to. Let’s break the severe rules solely in the video games. Are you agreed?

I hope you’ll get pleasure from moving an orange circle the hamster and avoiding these nasty white bullets pills.

Easy methods to play

Just use arrow up, arrow down, arrow right, arrow left and keep away from white bullets. Health line is in the underside. Level indicator in the bottom too (yellow circles medals). Nothing else.

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