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Want to satisfy your seafood cravings? Losa Food is here with the best assortment of the finest quality dry fish, snails, and spices. All the items from our round fish and black dry fish to Banga spice and pepper soup spice are absolute customer favorites. Place your order now and we’ll deliver to your doorstep.  For years, we’ve been providing the best quality seafood items and spices that our customers love.

Dry Fish

Drying is a method of preserving food that extracts water from the food, inhibiting germ growth and preventing quality degradation. The use of the sun and wind to keep fish fresh has been practiced since ancient times and was the first method of fish curing. Sunlight is used to dry the water in the fish’s body. Our fish assortment includes black dry fish, dried catfish, round fish, and dry stockfish. We also sell red snapper grill fish, which is one of our best-selling items.



Snails have been consumed by humans for thousands of years. They are low in fat, high in water and protein, and can be found in a variety of dishes. We sell fresh snails that you can eat as appetizers or use them to cook delicious main courses like the classic french Escargot. Place your order now.



“It’s all about spices”… they say. This is the very thing we keep in mind when we create our premium quality, delicious spices. From our Banga spice to black soup and pepper soup spice, every product is freshly produced and rich in flavor. Order now and give your taste buds a sensation like never before.

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