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What are the Important Thing Beliefs Of Hippies?

The Hippie motion originated within the 1960s. Lots has modified since then, but their beliefs are nonetheless blended in today’s society.

What do hippies consider in? Does the hippie motion nonetheless exist? Who are the fashionable-day hippies?

Let’s check out the important thing beliefs of hippies and find the solutions to those questions. But before, let’s see who the hippies are anyway.

What’s a hippie?

If you understand somebody who values freedom, has long hair, wears colorful clothes, lives with of us who haven’t any jobs and rejects the morals of society, chances are high high they are a hippie.

A hippie is a one who belongs to the subculture of hippies. Although the beliefs of fashionable-day hippies are a bit different from those of the standard hippie movement, the essential values that we’re about to discuss remain the same.

Hippies were a well-liked youth motion within the 1960s’ the United States. While the mainstream society conformed to the norms that weren’t even acceptable to them personally, hippies stepped back. Why?

Because they couldn’t stand the widespread violence anymore. Instead, they promoted freedom, peace, and love.

This subculture was all about spreading happiness all over the place they went. They didn’t judge folks. They accepted variety and felt comfy expressing their true selves.

People known as them hippies because they have been “hip” – hippies knew all concerning the bad things taking place of their society and needed to change them.

Back then, no one might imagine a hippie with out medicine and a love for Rock N Roll. Not surprisingly, they’d a nasty fame. They usually still have. But the lifestyle of the fashionable hippie movement has modified loads.

How did the hippie movement start?

The Hippie subculture originated from the rebellious beatnik movement. Beatniks had been nonconformist people who lived in the district of San Francisco. They refused to stay based mostly on mainstream social norms. That was exactly the factor that attracted hippies.

In easy words, hippies didn’t like the way in which society labored. JFK’s assassination, the Vietnam War, revolutions throughout Europe… The world today is filled with violence. And sooner or later, they realized it was time for a change.

That’s how hippies formed a counter-cultural motion. They left mainstream society. Started living in the suburbs far away and expressed dissatisfaction with their bizarre appearance.

Being barefoot, wearing blue denims, having long hair, using drugs, and listening to Rock N Roll. All these were the origin of the free lifestyle. But their key thought was removed from just a unique way of life.

The Hippie motion was all about protesting in opposition to unjust violence and the desire to reside in a peaceful world.

The Vietnam War ended in 1975. But violence never left our world. Society stayed the same. That’s why hippies continue to exist even at present.

Listed below are the key beliefs of people that determine themselves as trendy-day hippies.

10 key beliefs of hippies

1) They promote the life of love

Somewhere, sometime you’ve got most likely heard the phrase “make love, not war”. If you happen to didn’t know before, it’s the principle motto of the hippie movement.

Hippies expressed the significance of peace and love by wearing colorful clothes with flowers. In consequence, they were referred to as “flower children”.

Although hippies don’t essentially wear flower clothes as we speak, love is still their key value. Why love?

Because love is the one strategy able to fighting in opposition to violence. Not less than, that’s what hippies consider in.

Hippies expressed love by practicing open sexual relationships. They lived in open communities to point out that individuals needed one another to survive.

Protecting nature, taking care of one another, and loving every group member unconditionally was their method of expressing love for others and the world.

Still, modern-day hippies try to spread love. They have by no means given up on the idea of selling a life of love.

2) They don’t agree with mainstream society

As we mentioned, hippie game hippies are nonconformists. Which suggests what?

– They disagree with the federal government.- They don’t accept social norms.- They don’t agree with mainstream society.

But what are the mainstream American values anyway?

Thinking the best way others suppose. Acting the way others act. Blending into society and simply, “fitting in” and obeying somebody or something.

All these items violate the essence of an individual and create collective beliefs. And collective beliefs often result in violence. Hippies don’t conform to that.

A hippie is somebody who’s a part of a subculture, not the majority. The main thought of creating subcultures is to create new norms which are totally different from these of the majority tradition.

That’s the reason for the event of the hippie movement. They rejected the lifestyle of mainstream American culture. They “dropped out” and abandoned the values that restricted their habits.

Even today, not a single hippie agrees with mainstream society. And this is one of the things that makes them stand out.

3) They don’t seem to be concerned in politics

Hippies steer clear of politics for one simple motive – politics is unimaginable without violence. Why? Because violence is an integral part of making political order.

So, politics is violent.

Considering this, hippies have never been straight engaged in politics. While other counterculture movements from the 1960s labeled themselves as liberal activists, anarchists, or political radicals, hippies never agreed with any type of specific political ideology.

Hippies consider in “politics of no politics”. They just wish to do issues they really feel like doing. What does this mean?

They protect nature at any time when it’s time to guard nature. They go on the streets, protecting minorities’ rights at any time when they want support. But they don’t have a distinct political ideology.

That’s how hippies changed the counterculture movements.

4) They are towards violence

Fighting in opposition to violence is considered one of the important thing beliefs of hippies.

The world around them was getting an increasing number of violent within the 1960s. Attacking atypical citizens during the Vietnam War, brutality during anti-struggle protests, political assassinations, killing, and humiliating citizens…

The disorder was all around ‘60s’ America.

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People felt the urge to interrupt free. And that’s how the hippie motion began.

But didn’t hippies promote free sexual life? Didn’t they use drugs? What about violent music like Rock N Roll?

They did. In consequence, some folks think there was much more violence among the many hippies than we notice.

But does expressing yourself through particular person actions of a free lifestyle actually mean the promotion of violence? One thing is for sure: hippies never liked the idea of killing innocent folks.

5) They love nature and animals

Hippies are concerned concerning the environment around them. And indeed, combating in opposition to violence and selling love is only possible by protecting the dwelling creatures around us, right?

In consequence, hippies don’t eat animals. They’re both vegan or vegetarian. But veganism isn’t only a life-style for hippies. It’s much more.

Hippies consider within the philosophy of taking care of the Earth. Consequently, they eat organic meals, follow recycling, and take a look at onerous to protect the nature round them.

Considering this, it’s not a big surprise that many modern hippies are local weather change activists. They’re in fixed search of creating new methods to assist the atmosphere.

But there are too many environmental activists in our society at present. What makes hippies totally different from them?

Hippies don’t simply protect nature. They live in nature. They refuse trendy buildings and technological developments. Instead, they prefer to interrupt free and reside in the woods, in tree homes, or someplace where no person can reach them.

6) They’ve an alternative way of life

Even if you’re not completely aware of hippies’ beliefs, chances are excessive that you’ve heard one thing about their alternative way of life.

Hippies are sometimes associated with “Sex & Drugs & Rock N Roll”. It’s Ian Dury’s single which expresses the lifestyle of hippies. The track had a big affect on the 1970’s pop culture.

In the same manner, hippies influenced trend, music, television, arts, literature, and movie industries and inspired millions of individuals all around the world.

Hippies expressed themselves by means of psychedelic Rock N Roll. They held music festivals, gathered to protest the conflict and violence, and used drugs alongside the way. Besides, hippies had no jobs. They lived in communes, wore what they wanted to wear, and inspired freedom.

As a result, that they had the repute of being lazy individuals who didn’t care about the rest of society and simply needed to free themselves.

However, as you may see, the hippie movement wasn’t solely about breaking free. They did have vital beliefs, and they did change the world. Maybe simply somewhat bit, however still.

7) They don’t conform to society’s rules

The important thing purpose why hippies don’t keep tempo with mainstream society is that they search to free themselves from society’s rules.

They certainly have a special lifestyle, they take heed to different music and costume in a different way. But it’s not only because hippies want to stand out from mainstream society.

Instead, hippies need to express their individuality. They worth individualism. To them, being an individual means freeing yourself from society’s rules and dwelling in a method you want to dwell.

The essence of individualism for hippies is to do what you want to do, costume how you need to costume, and say what you assume. But is any of this attainable should you conform to the foundations anyone created way back?

However, individualism doesn’t imply being alone with hippies. They live in small collectives and specific their unique selves amongst other individuals.

8) They don’t have jobs

The widespread fantasy about hippies says that folks from bohemian subcultures don’t have jobs. Indeed, freeing your self from society’s guidelines meant refusing to work at places the place mainstream society labored. However, is it really possible to survive when nobody round you earns cash?

I don’t suppose so. And hippies knew that too. Regardless that they refused traditional jobs, a few of the members of the group did have jobs. However, they did odd jobs.

Sometimes hippies worked at county festivals. Other occasions, they taught music to youngsters and earned some money for the group. Some hippies even had small businesses and employed other hippies.

The hippies’ perspective in the direction of jobs is totally different at this time. The vast majority of them nonetheless refuse to work for the federal government, but freelancing and online jobs are among the things they do for a residing. You can even find a list of jobs suitable for modern-day hippies.

9) They believe in collective property

Hippies lived in large teams, primarily within the small districts of the US or within the suburbs. And so they shared pretty much every part, including property.

Hippy communes had a collective property that equally belonged to every member of their small society. They shared meals, they shared payments, cash, professions, and all the pieces. Therefore, they believed in the collective property.

However, hippies have never been Communists. So, they reside in communes but refuse to be Communists. Is that this even possible?

Yes. Communism is a radical type of Socialism, and it does mean that the property is owned by the community and its members share every little thing equally. However, it also signifies that this group is ruled by the government.

But hippies never conformed to the government and its guidelines. They believed that the government led to corruption and violence. Neither have been they, socialists. As we said, they merely didn’t have any form of political ideology. They were free. And they’re still free.

Hippies by no means refused the concept of residing in communes. However, they tailored to the fashionable world. Which means sharing property isn’t a key belief of modern hippies. Still, some hippies still enjoy residing together and sharing all the pieces.

10) They worth freedom

Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of love, freedom to be your self. That’s what hippies worth probably the most.

Freedom is the key belief of hippies (alongside peace and love, in fact!).

However, freedom and not necessarily sexual liberation. Hippies are often related to free love. But that’s just another delusion. Even when that they had free relationships, it doesn’t mean that they wished “free love.”

Instead, they do believe in loyalty. The only reason why they support sexual liberation is that hippies imagine everybody deserves freedom. And typically freedom has the type of sexual freedom.

To them, freedom is the one approach to fight in opposition to conformity. That’s why they worth freedom.

Bottom line

So, selling a life of love, a life of peace, and happiness and supporting freedom have been the principle explanation why the hippie movement was developed.

Things have changed in society because the 1960s, but hippies have remained. Their key beliefs are nonetheless the same. They still struggle against violence, they still protect nature, and so they nonetheless have another life-style.

What about drugs and Rock N Roll?

An unhealthy way of life doesn’t signify the fashionable hippie subculture anymore. However, they still love vintage, they nonetheless have a tendency to guard animals and select organic meals.

Hippies as we speak are often known as free spirits. And if this lifestyle is familiar to you and you believe within the importance of love, peace, and happiness, then possibly you’re a trendy-day hippie.

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