Losa foods

Losa foods


There is a saying,” A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting.” You’ll start to believe this once you treat your taste buds with our delicious and mouthwatering soups.

Soup is primarily a liquid food that is typically made by combining meat or vegetable ingredients with stock, milk, or water. At Losa Foods, we add an extra ingredient, our experience!

Our years’ experience in preparing scrumptious soups enables us to create perfection when it comes to taste. Order now and try it yourself!

White soup

White Soup

White Soup is a delicious delicacy and one of our best soups. It’s a rich fresh  soup made with rich flavors and nutritious ingredients. Trust us when we say that this soup will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Banga Soup

Banga soup is a delicious soup made from palm nut fruit, spices, and various meats and fish. This delectable delicacy is ideal for those who enjoy traditional soups. Soup lovers, place your order now.

Banga soup

Native black Soup

It is a traditional soup from Nigeria’s South West region. A favorite of the Ondo people, particularly the Ikale. If you enjoy traditional soups, you will definitely enjoy this soup.

Obongo Soup

Ogbono soup (Draw Soup) is a nutrient-dense soup made with ogbono seeds (ground African mango seeds), palm oil, various meats, and traditional spices. It has a lot of bold and rich flavors and is extremely tasty!

ogbono soup
Okra Sea Soup

Okra Sea Soup

Loaded with heart healthy nutrients and vitamins, our okra sea soup is the perfect treat for both, seafood and soup lovers. It is one of many okra soup recipes and tastes really good.

Egusi Soup

Egusi soup is a hearty, exotic dish that will satisfy your taste buds. It’s a soup with leafy and other vegetables that’s thickened with ground melon seeds. It is one of our bestsellers.

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pepper soup spice

Do you want to spice up your soup? Use our pepper soup spice. It contains flavor rich spices that are combined to give you a taste you’ve never had before. The taste of perfection!

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