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Losa foods

Our story


Beginning of Losa Foods - An African Spice and Seafood Expert

The African spice and seafood market is vast in the USA. Still, it is difficult for food lovers to find variety in a single place. This is the main reason behind our advent in the market. Losa Foods is an expert in African spices and seafood supplies, bringing authentic traditional food from the African continent. Choose us, as we make delicious food from scratch with fresh, healthy, and organic ingredients.

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Our story

Since 2021

Losa Foods - The Catering Service You Need

Who Are We?

Losa Foods supplies African spices and seafood to all the African food chains and stores in the USA. In addition, we also serve individuals who can get fresh and healthy food in any quantity they want. And if you are looking for a reliable African spice and seafood catering service provider, we’re here to make your events unforgettable.

Any event with great food is something that creates memories, and we’re here to give only the best to our customers!

Our approach

What Should You Choose Us

People always look for fresh, healthy, and organic food, and we know this well. The quality of food does matter, and at Losa Foods, we have a range of premium African spice and seafood items reflecting ethnic, cultural, and traditional themes. So, you can only expect the best quality food from us.

We follow the highest quality standards and always supply fresh and healthy food to our dearest customers.

We aim to have customers from all walks of life and let them enjoy excellent native African food!

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Our most valuable asset

Enjoying Undefeatable Quality Catering Is Now Possible Thanks To Chefs At Losa Foods And All The Services We Offer!


Nosakhare Osadiaye


Loveth Atagamen Osadiaye.

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