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Fresh Snail



  • Losa Foods provides snail meat, a delicious food with low caloric and fat intake. It is perfect for people who are on diets to combat being overweight. We also added snail to our seafood menu, as its high protein content helps athletes develop muscles and regenerate tissues.
  • Freshwater snail also provides significant calcium and phosphorus, essential for maintaining bones and teeth. The amount of iron in snails is also relevant because it helps prevent anemia.
  • It facilitates digestion because it is an easily absorbed food. Its large amounts of niacin help assimilate energy from other foods.
  • The caloric contribution of the snails is meager: barely 90 kilocalories per 100 grams. In addition to having a high content of healthy fats (Omega 3), iron, and protein, the health benefits of freshwater snails do not end there. Consuming snail means taking vitamins A, B9, B3, B12, E, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.
  • Snails’ iron is good for building red blood cells and transporting energy across the body. Vitamin B12, often referred to as the “energy vitamin,” is needed to make red blood cells, maintain a healthy nervous system, release energy from the food consumed, and process folic acid. The magnesium in snails helps maintain normal blood pressure, support bones, and keep a regular heartbeat.


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